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FMI is committed to recruiting knowledgeable talent in specialized component manufacturing and offering team members meaningful careers. Many of our employees have been at FMI for over 15 years, using their expertise to deliver the best products, on time, every time. In addition to full-time employment opportunities, FMI offers internship programs in engineering, machining and assembly.

FMI values the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse workforce. We support a collaborative culture that engages all employees and encourages integrity. We pride ourselves on offering a workplace in which everyone is treated fairly and has the opportunity to contribute.

Training Video Program
FMI continues to invest in its employees by creating safety, quality and process-specific training videos. These tools assist us in assuring that all employees get the same training every time. 

Internship Programs
Internship programs are available in engineering, programming, assembly and machining. These programs provide valuable mentoring experience and hands-on professional development for anyone pursuing an education in the aerospace industry.

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